About Bambi Valentino

Bambi Valentino

Bambi Valentino is a singer, songwriter, music producer, actress, seamstress, model, director, and so much more. She's capable of anything she puts her mind to.


Born on August 13th, 1997, Bambi has been an artist since birth. As a child growing up in Colorado, she loved to knit sweaters for her stuffed animals, draw, sing, and play instruments. She began posting covers on YouTube at a very young age and was writing and recording original songs by the age of 13. Her inspirations include Dolly Parton, Charo, John Waters, Bettie Page, and the Golden Girls.


After self-releasing a 4-track EP in 2012 and her first full length album, Roscoe, in 2013, Bambi dropped out of school to focus on her art full-time. Her discography includes the 2013 album Gruesome Minds, the 2014 EP Carbon Copies, and the 2017 album Hunny, as well as various other singles. Her entire catalogue is self-written and produced. Her music has been described as lo-fi, western-inspired, and amazing.


Bambi has released over 21 music videos, all of which have been self-written, self-directed, self-shot, and self-edited by her alone. She designed costumes and sets for all of them and has played multiple characters in most of them. She's been described as "the epitome of DIY". Her unique visual and musical style has been an inspiration to people around the world.


In 2015, Bambi wrote, directed, and acted in an original short film, Lil Creep. She's also released several celebrity impressions and original monologues to her YouTube channel, displaying a wide range of emotion and acting skill. She was featured in the music videos for Halsey's Nightmare and The Driver Era's A Kiss.


Bambi has worked as a model for photographers Parker Day, Derek Perlman, Nedda Afsari, Lucas Garzoli, and more. She's been featured in Vogue, Vice, LA Weekly, and also appeared on a pair of pants worn by Lil Nas X.


In 2021, after years of designing and making most of her own clothes, Bambi started her own clothing line. At first consisting solely of handmade bikinis, the Bambi Valentino Disco Dress was soon made available for purchase after many requests on social media platform TikTok. What originally started as just another outfit Bambi designed and made for herself has since been sold hundreds of times and has been worn by people worldwide.


Bambi's work up until October 2019 was credited to her birth name, Maddy Ellwanger. In the future, she hopes to continue designing clothes, writing and recording music, and acting. She currently resides in Florida.


Written by Malcolm MacMaster